Quick Start Guide


This site was developed by Socrata to support ICANN's pilot. This site hosts two datasets provided by ICANN: Transactions and Activity. These two datasets were uploaded by Socrata and we created a few assets to help show the different ways you can consume, interact with, and visualize this data. Below are a few quick examples of what you can do on this site:
  • Connect to the data via API
  • Create visualizations for yourself or to share publicly in the Data Catalog
  • Create filtered views, sorts, and roll-ups of the data
  • View and download the data for offline use
  • And much more!

Create a Socrata Account

We recommend you create a Socrata account to take advantage of all the features on the site which includes creating visualizations like charts and filtered views. Creating an account is not required to view and download data and view visualizations others have created. It's only needed if you want to create your own visuals. It's quick and simple and should only take a minute. To create an account, simply click on the image and enter your information. Once your account is created, you're all set to take advantage of all the features of this site. Once you start creating visuals, you'll notice you can access them at any time from your profile screen.

Access the Data via API

If you're a developer or technical user, you may be interested in using our APIs to connect directly to the dataset. You can visit our support site to read more about our SODA API. You can also access this data programmatically by clicking on the dataset and clicking the "API" button at the top of the dataset's Primer page.

Browse the Data Catalog

The Data Catalog stores all of the datasets and any data assets created on the like including charts, filtered views, maps, and more. You can use the filters on the left pane to filter by Category, View Type, and Tag. Keep in mind that the Data Catalog only stores public assets. This  means that if you're working on a chart that you're not ready to publish or if you don't intend to share it, make sure the asset is marked in a "private" status.

Explore datasets 

When you click on any dataset, you will be introduced to its content via a Primer page, which contains important metadata about the dataset. You can see when the data was last updated, view API documentation specific to the dataset,  featured visuals or stories creating using the dataset, category/tags, total rows/columns, and much more. To view the data, simply click on the View Data button to be taken to the "grid view" of the dataset. In the grid view, you can create visualizations with the data, create sorts and roll-ups, download the data, and much more.

Create Visualizations

First, you will need to create a Socrata account to begin making charts or views. It only takes a minute and you can follow the instructions above. To create a chart or view, log in and find a dataset. On the Primer of a dataset, you can click the ... button in the top right and then click "visualize and explore". This will load a beta version of the new visualization experience. To access the classic visualization experience, simply access the "grid view" of the dataset and click "Visualize". Once you create a visual, you can choose to make it public to display it in the Data Catalog or keep it private for your own use.

Learn More

Stuck on how to do something? Try watching some of the video tutorials for brief, step-by-step instructions on how to do basic functions on the site. The videos walkthrough how to create charts, sort and filter data, search within a dataset, and much more.

Need help?

If you need help or encounter issues, you can submit a ticket to the Socrata Support team. Simply click on the image to the right to visit the Socrata Knowledge Base where you can file a ticket.